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Wood and Fiberglass exterior doors are available in thousands of different combinations. Wood has the natural beauty and feel of wood while fiberglass has the durability and longer warranties.

 Therma Tru




Wood Exterior Door Catalog

Therma-Tru Door Catalog

Reeb Finish-

Interior doors are available in many sizes and styles in both natural wood and pre-primed options for painting



Interior Stile & Rail Doors

Primed Interior Stile & Rail Doors

Interior Flush & Molded Doors

Screen Doors are a way of adding a venting option to any existing or new doors. They are available in different layouts in both wood and aluminum


 Combination Door Company

Architectural Hardware, such as locks, hinges, and other door accessories are available in many different styles and colors





Door FAQ

Can the door style I have chosen be used for a pocket door, sliding door, or bifold door unit?2019-01-17T08:02:10+00:00

Yes, depending on how small the opening is, most door styles come in sizes small enough to make them either pocket, sliding, or bifold door units.

What is the difference between a pre-hung door unit and a door only?2019-01-17T08:01:21+00:00

Interior and exterior doors come two ways, depending on the type of installation that is being done. In certain cases, the door jamb may still be intact and plumb, in this case the installer would request a door only and would install the hinges and lock accordingly. In other cases, the jamb may not be intact or plumb and the installer would request the door be pre-hung on a jamb with hinges installed and prepped for a lock.

I’m looking for an exterior door, should I go with wood or fiberglass?2019-01-23T14:21:17+00:00

Generally, exterior wood doors are more expensive than fiberglass but, when stained, wood doors have a natural beauty that can’t be replicated. Wood doors, however, are more vulnerable to the elements and need to be installed under an overhang (except select models) and also come with a shorter warranty (5-10 years) whereas fiberglass can be installed with no overhang and still carry a lifetime warranty.

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